World dealers buying and selling New and Used Food processing machines, exporters of refurbished machines for 30 years for meat processing, cheese production, poultry further processing, packaging and wrapping, sausage, burgers, grated and diced cheese machines.

At Machines 4 Food Ltd we offer reliable refurbished machines with a full warranty and good back up service.

New process machines can sometimes be on a long delivery time from order or because of their high purchase price it is hard to warrant the cost on developing new start up production lines This is where a good refurbished machine can get you going quicker and cheaper to build the business with sales before deciding on new machines Some 2nd hand machines are here ready for delivery others may only take a few weeks to refurbish whereas new supply can be up to 16 weeks

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Herma labeller

Herma labeller

Model: H400 16L

Herma labeller

Model H400 16L

Serial No 20921540

Year 2012

Top label dispenser

Left to right Model

Herma labellerModel H400 16LSerial No 20921540Year 2012Top label dispenserLeft to right Model..
VC999 Tray Sealer

VC999 Tray Sealer

Model: TS 300 N

VC999 Tray Sealer

Model TS 300 N

Machine No 033158

Gas flush facility

Double tray mould with the machine

Tray size approx. 225 mm  x 140 mm

Electric 3 phase earth and neutral

Power 4 Kw

Pneumatics 6 bar

VC999 Tray SealerModel TS 300 NMachine No 033158Gas flush facilityDouble tray mould with the machine..
Vemag Robot 500 Vacuum Filler

Vemag Robot 500 Vacuum Filler

Model: Robot 500

Vemag Robot 500 Vacuum Filler

With Gourmet Burger cut off head and conveyor system

Twin stainless steel feed augers

Set up for 100 mm diameter product

Guillotine knife cut off

Adjustable weights

Vemag Robot 500 Vacuum FillerWith Gourmet Burger cut off head and conveyor systemTwin stainless stee..
Jamech Cheese Grater

Jamech Cheese Grater

Model: 750

Jamech Cheese Grater

Model 750

Whole cheese block Grater

With a grating disc size of choice

Press ram operated by pneumatics

Refurbished to good working order

Jamech Cheese GraterModel 750Whole cheese block GraterWith a grating disc size of choicePress ram op..
MFItaly Spiral Mixer

MFItaly Spiral Mixer

Model: ISE 200

MFItaly Spiral Mixer

Year 2015

Capacity 200 Kg of dough

Removable bowl 

With 2 x bowls

Two speeds

Process Timers

MFItaly Spiral MixerYear 2015Capacity 200 Kg of doughRemovable bowl With 2 x bowlsTwo speedsPro..
Escher Mixer

Escher Mixer

Model: PMD 300

Escher Mixer

Model PMD

Year 2018

Capacity 300 litres

Powered rise and fall on the bowl

400 volts 50 Hz 38 amps

HMI program controller

Escher MixerModel PMDYear 2018Capacity 300 litresPowered rise and fall on the bowl400 volts 50 Hz 38..
Karl Schnell Vacuum Filler

Karl Schnell Vacuum Filler

Model: Model P9

Karl Schnell Vacuum Filler

Model P9

Year 2010

With tote bin hoist

Karl Schnell Vacuum FillerModel P9Year 2010With tote bin hoist..
Wolfking UNI 250 Grinder

Wolfking UNI 250 Grinder

Model: UNI 250

Wolfking UNI 250 Grinder

Stainless steel body

Stainless steel grinding head 

Stainless steel end ring

Motor rating 55 Kw

Wolfking UNI 250 GrinderStainless steel bodyStainless steel grinding head Stainless steel end r..